This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

STILL busy.....

Ok, so I thought that after my last post life would calm down but there are still lots of happenings it seems like. First of which, Drake and Olivia went back to Asheville for the week! He had the opportunity to go back and work on a project there for work. I had some nights I was on call so I couldn't necessarily do that with Olivia because if I got called in in the night (which I did) I would have no one to stay with her. kevin and angela were kind enough to watch Liv during the day while Drake worked and she got to spend time with her cousins, which it sounds like she loved! When my parents found out Olivia was going to be a mere 12 hours away from them rather than 24 hours, they had to come see her. So my Mom switched around her work schedule so they could come for 3 days. It was quite the reunion and I was sad I missed it but I did enjoy my time alone. I got some tasks done that I often find difficult with Liv around. I also just enjoyed the ability to sleep in a little and do things in my own time. I took a lot of long 2 hour walks around the lakes at Wash Park, watched "chick flicks" and ate popcorn for dinner once or twice :)Anyway, it was nice but it wasn't as great as I thought it might be- I love Drake and Olivia so much that life is so empty without them around. don't get me wrong I definately enjoyed my "vacation" but I am also glad its over.

The other happening is that I have been considering going to work full time again. I have a possible opportunity at my hospice and I have been thinking about it. I know Olivia is ready for more social interaction and I think she would really enjoy some of the really nice child care places I found. We just aren't sure if full time is the way to go... BUT we feel like we need to get into a better position financially. I have been considering nursing school which would be a huge investment of time and money. So I spent a lot of time this past week looking at child care centers and really contemplating the right thing for our family. I always felt the best thing was to be with Liv all the time. When she was younger that was definately the right thing. Now, though, I think she also seems to want/need another environment to learn and grow, inaddition to home. Only time will tell what will happen. It is just so hard right now to make decisions. we feel as though wew don't know whats around the corner... will Drake get laid off? will they want us to relocate somewhere else?if I take the prerequisites for nursing school, will I get in? When will we try for another child? all these things are in our thoughts and we are ever the planners trying to figure out life.
Well that was a lot, but that is where we are at. On a lighter note, we got Olivia a little T-Ball set for outside and I have some pics of her trying it out. She is pretty funny with it because she likes to hold the bat from the end and push the ball off. Pretty cute!!!