This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Long Ride Home

The drive back to Asheville was long and difficult. We got caught in a snow storm and had to drive 30 mph through the whole state of Ohio and through parts of Michigan and Kentucky. We were all happy to get home. safely.

With Daddy at a stop along the way, we were feeling pretty crazy

We finally stopped at 2am in Kentucky. Olivia was happy to stretch her little legs

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Fun and Games

We played lots of games while in Michigan and Olivia got to be front and center- literally! She loves laying on a blanket and looking around so she layed right in the middle of the table and we played cards around her. She was quite happy

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Meme and Pa's house

While we were in Michigan Olivia got to meet Meme and Pa her great grandparents (we hope she can meet her great grandma Cricket in the spring). It was such a nice time to see them. It was so exciting that Olivia got tired out and had to take a nap on the floor while we were all playing with her

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More Christmas in Michigan

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Christmas in Michigan

After Christmas the three of us drove up to Michigan to celebrate with the fowler side of our family. Olivia got to see lots of snow and spend speical time with family. We were greeted by lots of snow! It was a long drive but Olivia was a trooper. We are blessed to have such a wonderful child.

Olivia with her Aunt Isabella

Olivia taking a nap in Nana's arms

"Hanging out" with Papa
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More of Christmas Day

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Christmas Day

It was a beautiful first christmas for Olivia and she was spoiled with wonderful gifts from her family. She got walker, clothes, toys, and a kiddie aquarium for her crib

Sitting with Uncle Kevin

Sitting with Mommy while Mommy opens her present from Olivia

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Christmas in Asheville

Olivia with Grandma

Cousin Tatum and Grandpa

Olivia's cousin Ethan gives a kiss and below Olivia takes her morning nap at home with her Daddy as the three of us stole some quiet time.
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Christmas in Asheville 2007

We had a wonderful Christmas with Olivia. Although she didn't exactly know it was Christmas she knew she she was surrounded by love and warmth, family and friends. We spent Christmas in Asheville with the Hayes side of the family. We got to spend a whole week together.

Olivia with Aunt Angela and Grandma

Olivia's Aunt Michelle and cousin Ethan when we made Chritmas cookies

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