This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Papa's Visit!!!

We were so lucky to have Papa come and visit this past weekend. Drakes' Dad spent 5 days with us and we had so much fun. We wish that her Nana and Aunt Isabella could have come to but it just wasn't possible this time...hopefully next time Papa can sneak them into his suitcase:) Olivia loved having him here, he was always available to read to her, carry her, and get her treats like ice cream! She can actually say Papa, which is pretty cool. She doesn't know how to say anyone else's name other than Daddy, Mum, and Hayla (alla), so that was great that she could say Papa. We had to take a trip to the zoo because Olivia is so much fun when she is looking at animals. She laughs, giggles, babbles and points at everything. We also went to some parks, the petting farm, Mt Evans and took a trip on the light rail to downtown for dinner one night. The trip to mt Evans left Papa and me a little queasy-the air is really thin at 14,000 ft in elevation. Drake was fine though, he actually rode his bike up Mt. Evans the weekend before! Thank you for making the effort to come all the way out here and visit us Papa and thanks for parting with him for a few days Nana and Aunt Isabella- We love you!

Our trip to the Zoo!

Olivia is smiling and saying cheese but she couldn't bring herself to stop looking at the bears

The petting farm

Up on Mt. Evans- Over 14,000 ft in elevation!

Our trip downtown...yes Olivia's sunglasses are on upside down- for some reason she prefers them that way.

Sharing some corn on the cob with Papa-wearing the bathing suit he brought for her

This is often what Olivia looks like when she "smiles" and says "cheese" for the camera

Reading!... I think this was Papa and Olivia's favorite thing to do!