This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots of Fun Things!

This will be another big post. We couldn't find our camera for a week so I couldn't upload any pictures until I found it. We had pictures of a lot of fun things that we have been doing. We took another trip to the Zoo with Olivia. It just never gets old. She loves the animals so much it is like a new experience every time.

Another fun thing is that I gave been trying to take Liv to some new parks. We go to our local park nearly every day, it is only a few blocks away. However, it does get a little boring (more for me than Liv) so I have been taking her to some new places. This park was great because it had a few playground areas and then it had a petting farm and a train raide around the whole park. It was only $1 for the train and $1 for the petting farm-what a deal! So we had a good time and Liv loved being up close and personal to the animals. I have to say I always felt a little bad for the animals at the zoo (not being in the wild) but these petting farm animals have it much worse. They get followe around by masses of little kids and cornered against the fences but they are very gentle. They do get unlimited amounts of hay so they seem to be kept happy with that. Olivia just kept laughing an dgiggling the whole time. She was in heaven! We will definately have ot take her back.

Our other big adventure was when we went to Breckenridge for the day. We went to pick up my birthday present from Drake- A new Bike!!! He found a great deal on ebay so we drove there to get it and to see the town. It was really cold because of the higher elevation but it was fun. We just walked around the town and grabbed some lunch. It is a really cool town and we would like to go back and explore some more.

This is how Olivia says "cheese" for the camera now she always closes her eyes...

Isn't my bike great? I wonder when Olivia will let me ride it...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Visit!!!

We were so happy to have my Mom and Dad come and spend some time with us. It gets a little lonely out here and it felt so good to have people here who love us and who we love. Olivia loved having her grandparents here, there was lots of attention and always someone to play with! We did lots of sightseeing and went on some great hikes. Olivia has been loving our hikes, she sits in the pack behind Drake and has so much fun she will stay in there for up to a couple of hours quite happily.. Sometimes she will even take a nap in there. On one of our hikes with Mom and Dad we actually saw a wild coyote. We also went to the childrens museum which is such a great place. It was Oliva's first time there and she had a lot of fun. We ended up buying a membership so we can go anytime we want. Thanks for coming out here Mom and Dad we love you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ode to shoes...and other Fowler happenings

Since my last post we have made some decisions... I am going to keep stying home with Liv. We feel it is the best thing for our family right now. I had interviewed for a full time job at my hospice where I do on call work and then a week later I told them I wanted to withdraw my name. Drake has long hard hours at work and for me to try to work full time would put such a strain on our family. It is a huge sacrifice financially but it is the right thing for us right now. I am going to start working toward my pre-requisites for nursing school. I am looking at an accelerated program that would allow me to transfer my bachelors degree to get a nursing degree in a year. But I have to get some science classes done first. It is hard for us to make plans right now as we don't know how long we will be in Denver. We have decided we just need to start making plans and be prepared they could change. We have to walk with faith and not sight because life is so topsy turvy right now, that is all we can do. We are so thankful we are healthy, happy and making ends meet. Olivia is amazing and in the next year or two we hope to add another little fowler, but not right now, unless we were pleasantly surprised :)

On to Olivia- she is changing so quickly now. She is adding words every day, she talks CONSTANTLY which I love. Not all of it makes sense yet but more and more every day does. She loves being outside. We spend much of our day outside and she loves looking at dogs, birds, squirrels, ducks and geese at the park. On our walks she stops at nearly every flower and stares and then sniffs in and out to "smell" the flower.

We did have a difficut adjustment to sandals for the summer believe it or not. She had this one pair of shoes we bought her in January and she has worn them all winter. One day I realized that they were way too small, her toes were curling at the end. I bought her a pair of sandals, thinking "no big deal we'll just move on to sandals and put these away." Well Olivia was having none of that. She wanted her shoes that she wears every day. I ended up buying multiple pairs of shoes trying to find some she liked. Every time we put on her shoes she would cry scream and try to get them off. It took weeks and a trip to Asheville before she got over it and started wearing them. Toddlers are SO particular it is just astounding!

THE Shoes

Playing with the new ones in her crib... A.K.A her "happy place" hoping it will cast them in a more positive light....

Shoe options...

I also had to post a few pics of Olivia's lunch time one day. She had a week where she was not feeling well (I think she was teething her molars)and she would not eat much. One day after 3 days of almost no eating I offered her every snack I had. She eventually ate a few raisins and a little yogurt before crying until I gave her warm milk and layed her down for her nap. Luckily she is back to normal again...