This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Come to Town!

Granma and Granpa got into town on Monday and Olivia is loving having them here. She loves to be hled and to have someone to play with right now. Here Doctor said from now and for the next 2 or 3 months she is in the "holding phase." Always wanting to be held... We are so glad to have them here, it will be a fun week!

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Olivia's Bathtime Buddy

Now that Olivia is eating solid foods she is having a lot more baths. She loves the little plastic hippo that tells us if the water is too hot. She loves splashing in the water and trying to scoop up the Hippo as it floats around. We think she might like to try swimming at the YMCA soon!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Funny Girl!

Eating is messy business with Olivia. She often likes to turn to the side in her bumbo chair and then suck on the chair. she like to do this even while eating her rice cereal. It gets quite messy!

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Olivia's newest toy

This was an exciting week for Olivia. Not only did she start solid foods she got to try out the exersaucer that we borrowed from Aunt Angela and Uncle Kevin. She loves standing up in it, exploring all the toys and of course trying to get the toys in her mouth.

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She can't stop rolling!!!

Olivia loves rolling so much she has a hard time staying still for even a diaper change. Last night when her Daddy was changing her she was off rolling, naked bum and all! I also put in a couple of pictures of her right before we wnt ut for a walk.

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Sweet Potatoes for our Sweet Potato

Olivia had her 4 month check up on Wednesday. She weighed in at 14.5 pounds and measured 26.5 inches long. She is doing so well the Doctor felt it was time to start her on solid foods. Most babies wait until 6 months old but some are ready sooner. She had been waking up a lot at night, and sometimes crying for more after nursing and the doctor said that usually means a baby is ready. So for her first taste we gave her sweet potatoes. She loved them, although the only pictures we could get were of her looking a little odd. The whole time she ate she made mmmm mmmm sounds.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Rolling Baby!!

Olivia just started to roll over in the past two days. Once she gets to her stomach she can not roll back so we help her and then it is right back to her stomach. Below is a video.

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First Bites

Last week we started giving Olivia rice cereal. We probably could wait but since she will not take a bottle we are hoping she will get the hang of rice cereal in the next month so Mommy can have longer breaks. These are pictures of her first time withthe cereal. Most of it still ends up on her face and bib!

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Party Girl!

Olivia went to her first ever birthday party. Natalie (daughter of our good friends Corey and Kim) turned 1 and we were there with about 15 of our friends. It was a fun party and Olivia loved being around all of the people. She did start the party by falling asleep in her Daddy's arms and then taking a little nap in the guest room at Corey and Kim's. Below is a picture of Drake and Olivia with Cory and Natalie. Natalie turned 1 on February 2nd and I will always remember her birthday becuase I was privledged to be at her birth. It was the very next day on Februaury 3rd that I found out I was pregnant with Olivia!

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Olivia's Talents

In the days befoer Olivia started rolling she started lifting her legs straight up in the air. After that she would learned to flop over to her side. This must have all been in preparation for rolling.

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After Bath Time

Olivia is so cute after her bath we had to snap some pictures. She usually cries after she gets out of the bath ( she likes it so much she never wants to get out) we can always make her happy by putting her in front of the fire. The she gets lotion and massage from head to toe.

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