This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Domestic Bliss!

Olivia has taken quite an interest in domestic tasks lately. I guess when I worked so much she never saw much cleaning get done! Now that I am not working, I am able to really keep up the house. So Olivia likes to join in on whatever task I am doing. I say, its never too early to start!

She gets out the rolling pin for baking and she does laundry! (actually this part is a little frustrating becuase she pulls clean clothes out of drawers after I put them away, and she puts them on her head then throws them on the floor. I ususally have to wait for her nap to get it all put away again because she will continue to pull them out again.

She Vacuum's

She sweeps and cleans floors!

Even with all her hard work, she still finds time to play!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fort Fun!

Well this past Sunday was a much needed "lazy day" for the Fowlers. Other than trying out another church (which usually just reminds us how much we miss our old one!) we didn't do a whole lot, and I have to say it was nice. Its funny, life here at times seems so empty and alone. I often say it feels like you are on a deserted island that is set in the middle of a city with 3 million people. We so desperately miss all of the fullness that our life in Asheville had. There was no part of our lives that was lacking, it was rich and complete. What comes with that fullness though is busyness, and hectic schedules/commitments. Although, I would never trade any of that, we are feeling an immense amount of peace, simpleness and quietness. Our lives are not filled with so much (not yet) but the gift of that is a different pace of life. We are trying to enjoy that about this time. With me staying home and not working part(full) time, I have the time to take care of all of the things around the house, so when Drake comes home all we have to do is enjoy each other and Olivia. Who knows how long we can afford to do that but for now it is lovely. And since we aren't living in our house, we don't have the run of home improvement projects. We can't remember a time when life was so simple and quiet. I have learned to be thankful each day for each moment for what it is. I don't know that I fully appreciated all we had in Asheville. I never want to make that mistake again. Each day is a gift and each moment in our lives has blessings and things we aren't so happy about. But I don't want to ever not fully appreciate what each moment has to bring....

WELL, that was heavy, considering I was just planning a little post about the fort we made with Olivia on our lazy Sunday day. We used our dining chairs and our comforter and Olivia had a blast. She eventually dragged her stuffed animals up into it and loved playing "peek a boo" with us. Hayla even joined in the fun. Although I think we may have started something because today she wanted to pull the chairs out again- I may have a permanent fort in my living room for a while!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The other day it was too cold to spend much time outside and Olivia and I had already been to the gym for the day so we were going a little stir crazy. Anyway, I was cleaning and I noticed she was trying to look out the window, so I grabbed our painting stool and pushed it up to the window for her. She loved looking outside and talking to people who walked by (even though they couldn't hear her!) Among the words she can say "Hi" is a common one along with her babble that usually doesn't make too much sense to us, although she seems to know exactly what she is saying. When we go anywhere she says hi to anybody that pays her any attention.

I remembered that in our Asheville house she always loved standing on our couch and looking out the window and she hadn't been able to do that here in Denver. The stool now permanently sits below the window and Olivia often climbs up and looks around. I think she likes it even more now since we live in a busy city and there are lots of people walking by. She is so inquisitive!