This is a collection of stories and photographs to chronical the Fowler family's adventures as we grow.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Season 2009

By now its become apparent I am not the best blogger in the world. Hopwever, I refuse to give up trying :) Our Christmas Season brought more change. We moved from our cramped, run down house we were renting to an apartment that is almost twice the size and in very nice shape! It was a busy time as we set up our tree in our old house only to find a great apartment we had to jump on. SO we packed it all up took down the tree 5 days before Christmas we moved, set up our tree again and worked on getting settled in our new digs. We spent Christmas alone but really enjoyed our day. Christmas Eve we went to our friends Jayme and Corey's house. They have a daughter Olivia's age and it was a lovely evening! Christmas morning was so exciting! Olivia loved opening gifts and we had just as much fun watching her. We spent a quiet Christmas Day and had a wonderful time together. Leading up to Christmas was busy but full of cookie decorating, a trip to Breckenridge with my parents who came for Thanksgiving and Holiday parties. It is so nice to spend Christmas and our New Year in our new place!


Remodelaholic said...

So glad you guys are alive!

I hope you are doing great at your new job! I haven't read the post yet, I just wanted to give you a shout out!

Corey, Kim and little miss Natalie said...

Hey the pictures. From the looks of the backgrounds of some of the pictures, your new apartment looks beautiful...and NEW! Good for you guys for jumping on it! Sorry we've missed each other on the phone lately. Let's catch up soon! Miss you so much!