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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celebrating Fall!

We had a great weekend celebrating Fall. On Saturday Olivia and I made Halloween cookies, while Drake went to a bike expo for the morning. Things are just getting even more fun with Olivia. She really gets into projects now that she can pay attention for longer than a few minutes. She also can do a lot more now. She helped make the dough(mixing in flour, eggs, etc.) and roll it out. She was best at doing the cutouts and putting them on the cookie sheets. Then she would carry a little tray and I would carry a big one to the oven. I would put them in, while she would say "its HOT!" She especially loved the flour, sprinkling it on the table and the cookies. At one point I took a batch to the oven and mistakenly left the lid off the flour, I came back to a huge mess on the table, but thats part of the fun for her. So after they were cooked and she was stripped down to a diaper because her other clothes were covered in flour, we decorated them. I would put on the icing and she did the sprinkles. Again, a huge mess but nothing the vaccum couldn't handle. We brought cookies to nieghbors and friends and ate a few ourselves. Olivia actually ate 3 cookies while we were baking and never had lunch,I flet like a bad mom but I guess once in a while won't hurt.
On Sunday, since we usually go to church in the evening now, we went to the farmers market down the street from our house. We dressed up Hayla in her costume since they were having a dog costume contest. We picked out a couple of pumpkins to bring home and stopped for a coffee at the coffee shop. It was lightly snowing the whole time, it was a lovely morning! Olivia also found some time to unwind before nap and spent some time coloring, which she has really been enjoying lately. Coloring and play-doh are so fun with her. She will sit for an hour or more with someone doing play-doh and coloring. Its always good quality time. I continually feel blessed to have a beautiful family and a beautiful life.


J and C said...

I love Hayla's costume by the way! And holy cow, Olivia is totally doing the transformation from baby to toddler, or maybe more like toddler to little girl. She is SO grown up! I can't wait to make cookies with Etta.... Oh what fun!

SteveandKim Aulds said...

Beautiful pictures! What a fun fall weekend!